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Krzywy Domek

Krzywy Domek (Crooked House) is a commercial building building located in the centre of Sopot, just next to the Bohaterów Monte Cassino promenade. It is the most unusual piece of real estate in Poland. It owes its unique appearance primarily to its wavy facade. The building was designed by the architects Szotyński and Zaleski, who were inspired by the drawings by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg, as well as Antonio Gaudi designs. It combines its fairy tale appearence with a commercial purpose. The magic effect results in a unique atmosphere, which compliments its daily public use. Krzywy Domek is above all a shopping-and-office centre that houses restaurants, cafes, shops and offices. Apart from general service providers it also houses more specialised companies, operating on the financial or media markets. Moreover, many cultural events take place here, attracting the attention both of Tricity locals as well as the tourists frequenting the neighbourhood.

Project details
Date of completion 2014Status completed
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  •   ul. Marszałkowska 142,
         00-061 Warszawa, Polska
  •   +48 22 529 28 00
  •   +48 22 529 28 03
  • rezydent@rezydent.com

About Rezydent S.A.

REZYDENT S.A. is an investor company operating mainly in Warsaw and the Baltic coast region in the field of housing and commercial real estate. Rezydent S.A. acquires building lots in the most attractive city locations, and builds them up with commercial structures distinguished by top-class, unique architecture, which it next operates itself or sells to other real estate investors. Currently Rezydent is considering expanding its investment operations to other areas offering above-average returns.

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