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Willa Rezydent

Willa Rezydent is a residential-and-commercial building located in direct viciniuty of the charming Monte Cassino Boulevard in Sopot. Numerous local cafes, art galleries and theatres create an unforgettable atmosphere which would be difficult to find anywhere else. This is certainly one of the most enchanting places, not just in Poland but in all of Europe. The nearby beautiful beach with the renowned Sopot pier, the surrounding wooded areas with hiking and bicycling paths, and also the numerous nearby sports and recreation facilities, such as an aquapark, hippodrome and the famous Sopot tennis courts provide a fantastic environment for active recreation. The project was completed in December 2003. All the apartments were sold out already during construction.

Project details
Date of completion 2003Status sold
  •   ul. Marszałkowska 142,
         00-061 Warszawa, Polska
  •   +48 22 529 28 00
  •   +48 22 529 28 03
  • rezydent@rezydent.com

About Rezydent S.A.

REZYDENT S.A. is an investor company operating mainly in Warsaw and the Baltic coast region in the field of housing and commercial real estate. Rezydent S.A. acquires building lots in the most attractive city locations, and builds them up with commercial structures distinguished by top-class, unique architecture, which it next operates itself or sells to other real estate investors. Currently Rezydent is considering expanding its investment operations to other areas offering above-average returns.

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